Pre-puppy consultations in your own home are a great way of setting yourself up for success before you even have your new dog. The motto here is to prevent problems and make the experience of getting a new dog as easy and stress-free as possible for both you and your new family member. With this consultation we will ensure that you make an informed decision when acquiring your dog, including

- Where to acquire your new dog or puppy from, including characteristics of responsible breeders

- Help in researching breeders, shelters and humane societies

- Finding available dogs and puppies

- Kind of dog that will best meet your family’s needs and circumstances (including age, gender, breed, background, etc.)

- What to prepare in your home and how to best set up a safe environment for your new dog

- What you will need to teach your new dog and how to teach it

- What to expect when you get a new puppy

- What you need to buy for your puppy

- Giving you additional reading material and resources to make the most informed decision possible

We encourage you to have as many of the involved people as possible attending this consultation in order to achieve a successful outcome.

These consultations usually take about 2 ½ hours and cost $240 - insignificant when compared to the ongoing costs of owning a dog or making the wrong decision!!  If additional time in required the usual hourly rate applies.  You will receive a 10% discount on all future training if you had a BEFORE YOU GET YOUR DOG consultation.