The team of trainers at Positive Puppies   works extensively with pet owners in Sydney, Australia by helping improve communication between the owner and their dog, giving them the peace of mind that we use proven force-free training methods, helping the owner learn the skills to have a well behaved, obedient, happy, healthy and safe family dog.

It is our mission to be at the forefront of training technique methods as well as scientific findings in order to improve our clients’ dogs’ welfare. For this reason we invest extensively and participate in further training through conferences, seminars and courses (eg in 2014: Canine Science Forum, Life skills for Puppies run by Lincoln University, APDT conferences). All of our trainers have or are working towards an accreditation in the canine behaviour modification field and we are all devoted to using positive methods. As a team we have accreditations from the SFSPCA Academy, Delta Australia, NDTF etc. We work closely together assessing and auditing each other’s clients and their progress as well as training plans to ensure the well being of the dog is met at all times and that the least invasive training techniques are used.

We have memberships to the Association of Pet dog trainers Australia, The Pet Professional Guild and the National Dog trainers Federation.