We don’t use punishment or dominance in our training. To help us explain why we like the statements by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour (AVSAB) on

 Punishment and Dominance

The use of positive reinforcement enables trainers to teach dogs to perform some outstanding tasks in areas like assistance dog training, finding cancer through scent discrimination, hearing dogs etc. Getting a dog to help putting clothes in and out of a washing machine or teaching a dog to push buttons and open doors, are great examples for behaviours that can’t be forced through traditional methods, but can only be motivated and trained by using a reward based approach.

The use of traditional methods like choke chains and punishment methods in training animals as well as the perpetual explanation of dominance in training have been proven to not only being limiting in training, but also  having undesired side effect, like fear, anxiety and aggression.

Hence, at Positive Puppies we use reward based and scientifically backed methods in all of our training and behaviour advice. We explain your dog’s behaviour with the newest findings in behaviour research (rather than old wives tales and blaming everything on “dominance”) and ensure to tailor all training to achieve effectively the behaviour that you want of your dog. Additionally, we ensure to meet your dogs physiological and psychological needs to achieve a sustainable, easy-to- follow and long lasting arrangement.

With this holistic approach we can ensure that you will have a WELL EDUCATED, HAPPY, HEALTHY AND SAFE pet dog that will fit into your life style and is that family member that you wanted to get in a dog.

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