6 week course – 4 dogs max

$350 (inc GST)

Lower North Shore.

Contact us for availability.

Advanced Training Classes

Please note, to attend any of the these courses you will need to have completed a Positive Puppies Manners Course
Advanced Manners

In our Advanced Manners Class we will take the skills you have learnt in our Manners Class to the next level; working from a distance, phasing out treats and increasing the level of communication between you and your dog. In this class we will use Clickers to improve the communication between you and your dog and teach you the skills to take your training skills on to a new level.


Ever wanted to get your dog to tidy up their toys and put them in their toy box or be able to bring in the morning paper for you? In our trick class we will show you the techniques needed to do these tricks and many more. This class relies heavily on Clicker Training, as it is the best way to teach you dog many new behaviours in a short time.

Real World

Take the skills you have learnt in Manners Class and apply them to the real world so that your dog is prepared for the life of an urban city pet dog. It will include being able to cope in streets busy with traffic and people, dog park etiquette and how to enjoy your morning coffee with your dog at the cafe. (These classes are only held during the daytime.)

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