We make training fun


Puppy Training Classes

We offer a range of courses to suit the various needs of puppies, adolescent dogs and grown dogs who need a little added guidance.

Super Puppy Program

Puppies can learn about 10 new behaviours every day. Let us help you make sure they are behaviours YOU want.


Dogs bark, chew, dig, urinate and bite – all
perfectly natural behaviours if we don’t teach them otherwise.

New Puppy Consultation

Often the acquisition of a new puppy is not only exciting and fun, but a little bit daunting! We can help!

Classes for
older dogs

Even older puppies need a little guidance from time to time. We have a collection of classes and programs for adolescent and adult dogs also.

Board and Train

Would you like your dog trained in a friendly family home environment while you’re away?

Using positive reinforcement training techniques we will continue your dogs training or work on any particular behaviours whilst your dog comes to live with a Positive Puppies trainer in their home.

Private Training and Behaviour Consultations

Private consultations focus on your specific situation and dog, determining what your perfect “dream dog” is and teaching you how to best achieve this. Usually, this consultation allows us to kick off some of the wanted behaviours and show you how to practice them.

The initial private consultation usually last 1 ½ hours and focuses on any issue that relates to your dog.

Find a class near you

We have training options available in the comfort of your own home as well as at 7 clinic locations across Sydney.


  • Cremorne Vet Hospital
  • Chatswood Vet Clinic
  • Dr Paws Lane Cove Vet Clinic
  • North Shore Vet Hospital
  • Parramatta Vet Hospital
  • Pennant Hills Vet Hospital
  • Thornleigh Vet Hospital
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