Six 1 hour classes

First class is online via a live, interactive consultation.

Classes 2-6 are face to face at one of our locations.

Weekdays – $240 (inc GST)
Weekends – $290 (inc GST)

Puppy classes run for 6 weeks.

Pennant Hills Vet Hospital

Monday evenings 7-8pm

Parramatta Vet Hospital

Tuesday evenings 6.30-7.30pm

Chatswood Vet Clinic

Wednesday evenings 6.30-7.30pm

Cremorne Vet Hospital

Thursday mornings 10-11am

Thornleigh Vet Hospital

Thursday evenings 6-7pm

Dr Paws Lane Cove Vet Clinic

Saturday afternoons 3-4pm

North Shore Vet Hospital – Artarmon

Sunday afternoons 12.30-1.30pm

Click here to view location maps to find your nearest training clinic.

Classes can be started at any time but an orientation class must be attended first. Contact us for details.

Puppy Classes

Dogs bark, chew, dig, urinate, bite, etc. – all perfectly natural, normal and necessary behaviours if we don’t teach them otherwise.

The best time to start teaching your puppy is NOW. A puppy’s brain is very much like a sponge and is perfectly capable and ready to learn as soon as possible. Many unwanted behaviours can be prevented by early training!

Dogs are very socially oriented and meeting other dogs and humans helps them grow and develop healthily. Puppies need to practice their communication with other puppies in order to develop their canine language skills.

Puppies will also learn with the help of our Positive Reinforcement Training to create a team with their owners.

Positive Puppies Puppy Class is a fun, family oriented 6 week course – so bring the kids. The first 5 weeks are an ideal starting point for a happier life for you and your puppy and includes:

  • Socialisation with other dogs and bite inhibition
  • Socialisation with other humans
  • Allowing the puppy to be examined, touched and restricted
  • Basic Education like SIT, DOWN, COME etc.
  • Housetraining and how to control Puppy-biting

The final week is Graduation and will include more fun and games with your puppy.

How will the puppy (and family) benefit:

  • Development of a healthy character
  • Early education for all the dog’s life
  • Less behaviour problems
  • Extensive good socialisation helps prevent aggression
  • Tools for better communication with your dog
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