Carolina Silva is the director and owner of Positive Puppies Pty Ltd.

 She graduated from the Delta Canine Good Citizen Instructors’ Course in 1999 and is an APDT  as well as Pet Professional Guilt member. She has been conducting puppy and dog training classes regularly for 15 years.

For 18years she additionally worked as a vet nurse in standard and emergency hospitals as her full time job. Being around dogs professionally and having lived with a pack of 5 dogs at one time, she knows how important it is to have happy, well trained dogs.

These days Carolina teaches numerous group classes each week, consults in private programs, as well as boards numerous of the Positive Puppies four legged pupils at her home.

Carolina tells us “In my spare time I love obedience and agility training as I know it’s a great opportunity to enjoy time with my dogs, have fun together learning and build a strong bond”.

I look forward to many years with Positive Puppies, supporting the Positive Puppies team members on our mission to help many pet dog owners train their puppies and dog, expanding my knowledge on dog behaviour through conferences and seminars and helping people with caring for their much loved family dog.”