Dogs bark, chew, dig, urinate, bite, etc. – all
perfectly natural, normal and necessary behaviours if we don’t teach them otherwise.

The best time to teach your puppy is in the first 5 months of its life as a puppy’s brain is perfectly developed to learn. Many unwanted behaviours can be  prevented by early training!  

Dogs are very socially oriented and meeting other dogs and humans helps them grow and develop healthily.
Puppies need to practice their communication with other puppies in order to develop their canine language skills.  

Puppies will also learn with the help of our Positive Reinforcement Training to create a team with their owners.

Positive Puppies Puppy Class (see schedules) is a fun, family oriented 6 week course - so bring the kids.  The first 5 weeks are an ideal starting point for a happier life for you and your puppy and includes:-

The final week is Graduation and will include more fun and games with your puppy.

How will the puppy (and family) benefit

Puppy Classes

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